About the Workshops

People are typically uncomfortable with the unexpected.

Traditional strategies for interviewing, public speaking and job searching focus on planning for the expected - preparing answers to commonly-asked questions, for example. This is an essential step for success but does not include the unexpected, which makes us feel anxiety. In a job interview, employers are asking unexpected questions to see how we think on our feet, questions like "What superhero would you be and why?" or "What song best describes your work ethic." Jake's workshops address the unexpected and can be paired with more traditional preparation.

Jake's training and development background drives the workshop content and is paired with his improv training. In workshops, he uses improv and interactive activities to simulate the unexpected and then apply those experiences to enhance skills in interviewing, public speaking, teamwork, leadership and job searching.


The format is very interactive. The workshops are usually 1 - 2 hours and have been done best in an open area with chairs on the outskirts of the room. We would need an area where people can form large circles of up to 10. For larger groups, there may be more observation of the activities. Each workshop can be tailored to your needs and specific themes that you would like to cover. Jake has worked with groups in varying sizes from 4 to 50.

Learning outcomes and goals - Always tailored to meet the needs of your audience

Learning outcomes and goals - always tailored to meet the needs of your audience. Practice skills needed for successful interviewing, public speaking, team building, leadership and communicating. Jake connects these experiences to why they are important in various settings, including job interviews, teaching or presentations.

Simulate responding confidently in an uncertain environment.

Reduce anxiety with interviewing and public speaking. To help participants identify ways to respond when feeling nervous.

Identify ways to become a better listener and address barriers to listening when feeling put on the spot.

Generate content and examples that match a non-scientific and more general audience in public speaking and job interviews.

Increase skills in team building, as improv is about how the group can do well, not just one individual being funny.

Enhance teaching as an instructor or TA.

Boost customer service skills with the unexpected.

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